3d Secure payment

Using Visa/Mastercard/

Payments made by debit / credit card over the Internet have used 3D-SECURE. Additional information known to the bank and the cardholder is requested during a transaction. This helps to strengthen the authentication of its customers for payments on the internet.This authentication verifies that the card is being used by its legitimate owner.

Specifically, when making a payment on a retail website with the "MasterCard Secure Code" and "Verified by Visa" logos, a new window appears asking for personal information of the payer. This may be the birth date of the card holder or a secret code depending on the internet user’s bank (1). This data entry control verifies that the internet user making the payment is the person associated with the card used.

This authentication is mandatory and any refusal to enter this personal information or any mis-typing of this personal information of the payer will result in cancellation of the transaction.



Pay however you want

Credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts. With so many ways to pay, all involving lots of numbers and plastic, paying can get messy and complicated.

You can link your PayPal account to your bank account, debit and credit cards (and still earn your reward points) simply by adding the details to your PayPal account.

This way, you can choose how you want to pay, and you never have to worry about making sure there's money in your PayPal account.

Easy to use

Using PayPal is simple. Shop for the things you love, and whichever device you're using - mobile, tablet or computer - you can pay in just a few clicks.

All you enter is your email address and a password. It's quick, easy and always at your fingertips. It's widely available too.

You can use PayPal at millions of online stores worldwide, from the biggest retailers such as Argos to the smallest specialist websites - just look for the PayPal button when you check out.

More secure

PayPal delivers one of the most secure payment platforms in the world.

All your financial information (like your bank details and your credit card number) is securely stored and encrypted on our servers so there is no need to share your financial data online.

In addition, your transactions are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by a dedicated team of security specialists whose sole purpose is to identify suspicious activity and help protect you from fraudulent transactions.