Drum Drone TT-606

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TT-606 Drum Drone™ analog drum machines with timeless electronic sounds and modern professional feature.


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TT-606 Sound Samples



Drum Drone TT-606


Bass Drum

Snare Drum

Low Tom

High Tom


Open Hi-hat

Closed Hi-hat


Hand Clap

Main Controls


Tempo Knob

Volume Knob

Track/Instrument Selector Knob

Mode Selector Knob

Accent Level Knob

Tone Knob

MIDI Out / Thru Selector Switch

Power On / Off Switch


Instrument and Submix Level Controls


Bass Drum | Snare Drum | Toms |

Cymbal | Open+Closed Hi-hat |

Rimshot+Hand Clap

Data Storage


User Patterns: 64 | User Tracks: 9 | User Drum Kits: 32 |

User Clips: 16 per instrument


Operating Modes


Pattern Write | Pattern Play | Track Play | Track Write


Pattern Features


Pattern Length: 1-64 steps

Per-instrument, per-step modifiers: Accent, Flam, Roll

Programmable Fill variation for each pattern

Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet, 16th note triplet

Assignable pattern LED color

Pattern Copy / Paste functions


Track Features


Visual track programming system | Maximum Length: 240 bars |

Per-bar fill variation option


Tone Control Parameters


Bass Drum: Tuning

Snare Drum: Snare Snap

Low Tom: Tuning

High Tom: Tuning

Cymbal: Decay Time / Tuning

Open Hi-hat: Decay Time

Closed Hi-hat: Tuning

Rimshot: Timbre

Hand Clap: Density

Global Features


Shuffle Amount | Flam Time | MIDI In / Out channels

Illuminated buttons: 26 | Tap Tempo Input | System LED color

Nuance: Automatic rhythmic Tone variation (per-instrument)




Main Mix (1/4" mono, +15dBu)

Headphone (1/4" stereo, +10dBu)

Bass Drum (1/8" mono)

Snare Drum (1/8" mono)

High + Low Tom (1/8" mono)

Cymbal (1/8" mono)

Open + Closed Hi-hat (1/8" mono)

Rimshot (1/8" mono)

Hand Clap (1/8" mono)

MIDI Out / Thru




Power (9VDC, 300mA) | MIDI In Negative Tip Barrel


PC Functions


Cyclone Studio application for PC & Mac enables Drum Drone software update and user data backup & restore using MIDI SysEx transfer.




Dimensions: L310mm x W130mm x H35mm | Weight: Unit 783g

(Boxed with accessories) 1.332kg


Included Accessories


100-240v Universal Power Adapter | Near Invisible Force Field |

Case Transporter | Printed User Manual


Available Accessories

7 Lines 1/8 to 1/4 output cable snake |

Triple 100-240v Universal Power Adapter |






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