Drum Drone TT-606

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TT-606 Drum Drone™ analog drum machines with timeless electronic sounds and modern professional feature.

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TT-606 Sound Samples

TT-606 Drum Drone

An analog drum machine clone of the famous TR606, coming with a lot of new features and improvements, from the sound point of view as well as the ergonomics of the machine and the sequencer.

The design of the analog circuit and the sequencer gives it a warm and groovy sound as its elder with much more varied sound possibilities.

The very intuitive sequencer takes on the original spirit while bringing new and unique features and allows you to quickly create complex patterns and grooves while offering great flexibility for live jam and more sound variations.

Among the highlight and new features we find :

A new design and better ergonomic :

- A new design very elegant and modern.

- New pots / knobs, bigger, more flexible and very pleasant.

- Carrying bag and decksaver (dust cover) included.

- Numerous possibilities for customizing the LEDs colors to better identify your patterns and more.

A modern and very powerful sequencer :

- 64 user patterns, up to 64 steps per pattern.

- Non-volatile memory (no more batteries required !!!).

- Adjust the swing / shuffle to add groove to your productions.

- Ability to switch between WRITE (recording mod) and PLAY (playback mode) without interrupting the playback of the pattern.

- Individual instruments mute switch.

- Ability to save kits.

- New Fill fonction, let you add variation (break / rolls) to a pattern. Once the pattern Fill cycle is finished the sequence automatically returns to the main pattern.

- Roll and Flam function adds realism to your patterns and especially the fills.

- Nuances / Modulations. This unique function makes it possible to bring life into your sequences by adding complex variations (tone modulation) more or less subtle. The modulation controls the TONE setting, a different NUANCE setting can be programmed for each instrument.

- Advanced editing features like COPY / PASTE / CLEAR and much more.

- All the parameters are controllable via midi control change (Midi CC).

A modern audio section and connectivity :

- Analog audio circuit.

- Excellent audio spécifications and noise floor (widely improved compared to the original).

- Clap and Rim Shot instruments not present on the original.

- 9 instruments (Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Low Tom, Hi Tom, Cymbale, Open Hat, Closed Hat, Rim Shot, Clap).

- CLOSED et OPEN HIHAT chunk like the original. Which give you this so much desired HiHat sound when closed and open hats are programmed on the same steps.

- 7 separates outputs and 1 main output (mono).

- 1 Midi in and out.

- Volume knob per instruement.

- TONE setting per instrument, let you modify the sound (tune or decay or snap) for each instrument. Then the edited instruments could be saved as a Kit.




Drum Drone TT-606


Bass Drum

Snare Drum

Low Tom

High Tom


Open Hi-hat

Closed Hi-hat


Hand Clap

Main Controls


Tempo Knob

Volume Knob

Track/Instrument Selector Knob

Mode Selector Knob

Accent Level Knob

Tone Knob

MIDI Out / Thru Selector Switch

Power On / Off Switch


Instrument and Submix Level Controls


Bass Drum | Snare Drum | Toms |

Cymbal | Open+Closed Hi-hat |

Rimshot+Hand Clap

Data Storage


User Patterns: 64 | User Tracks: 9 | User Drum Kits: 32 |

User Clips: 16 per instrument


Operating Modes


Pattern Write | Pattern Play | Track Play | Track Write


Pattern Features


Pattern Length: 1-64 steps

Per-instrument, per-step modifiers: Accent, Flam, Roll

Programmable Fill variation for each pattern

Time scales: 16th note, 32nd note, 8th note triplet, 16th note triplet

Assignable pattern LED color

Pattern Copy / Paste functions


Track Features


Visual track programming system | Maximum Length: 240 bars |

Per-bar fill variation option


Tone Control Parameters


Bass Drum: Tuning

Snare Drum: Snare Snap

Low Tom: Tuning

High Tom: Tuning

Cymbal: Decay Time / Tuning

Open Hi-hat: Decay Time

Closed Hi-hat: Tuning

Rimshot: Timbre

Hand Clap: Density

Global Features


Shuffle Amount | Flam Time | MIDI In / Out channels

Illuminated buttons: 26 | Tap Tempo Input | System LED color

Nuance: Automatic rhythmic Tone variation (per-instrument)




Main Mix (1/4" mono, +15dBu)

Headphone (1/4" stereo, +10dBu)

Bass Drum (1/8" mono)

Snare Drum (1/8" mono)

High + Low Tom (1/8" mono)

Cymbal (1/8" mono)

Open + Closed Hi-hat (1/8" mono)

Rimshot (1/8" mono)

Hand Clap (1/8" mono)

MIDI Out / Thru




Power (9VDC, 300mA) | MIDI In Negative Tip Barrel


PC Functions


Cyclone Studio application for PC & Mac enables Drum Drone software update and user data backup & restore using MIDI SysEx transfer.




Dimensions: L310mm x W130mm x H35mm | Weight: Unit 783g

(Boxed with accessories) 1.332kg


Included Accessories


100-240v Universal Power Adapter | Near Invisible Force Field |

Case Transporter | Printed User Manual


Available Accessories

7 Lines 1/8 to 1/4 output cable snake |

Triple 100-240v Universal Power Adapter |






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