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The Bass Bot User ManualManual

The Bass Bot User Manual english PDF 1.2 PDF NEW! The Bass Bot User Manual english 2.0 PDF

The Bass Bot User Manual French PDF 1.0 PDFnew! The Bass Bot User Manual French 2.0 PDF



Cyclone Studio (PC) v1.0Cyclone Studio

Cyclone Studio v1.1 wiNDOWS / mac

Download here: WIN / MAC

The application serves as a utility for you to to Backup and Restore Patterns or make operating systems updates to your Cyclone devices using MIDI SysEx (Firmware Updates).

Important! Firmware updates will not over-write your patterns or tracks. However, it is highly recommended to frequently backup your patterns and especially before any flash to the firmware.


PC: Windows 7 or Windows 8 with MIDI ports.

MAC: OSX 10-11 with MIDI ports.


Right click on the link and save to your desktop. The file is compressed .ZIP and should be uncompressed after downloading.

With the Bass Bot powered off. Connect the MIDI IN/OUT from your PC using the provided 8 pin DIN splitter cable. Run the Cyclone Studio Application and then power on the Bass Bot. The application will auto detect your MIDI ports and display them at top. At the bottom of the window you information about your device including the current firmware version installed.

To Backup or Restore patterns/tracks use the corresponding buttons right/left of the window and follow the directions given.

For firmware updates use the button bottom and follow the directions given.

insta dj V 2.0Firmware

TT-303 InstaDJ O.S. v2.0 Firmware SysEx MIDI Update

Download here: InstaDJ v2.0

This release should be applied to all Bass Bot produced with V1.0 and V1.1 software to new V2.0 which addresses the below changes.

These release notes provide a description of the changes made to the TT 303 Firmware for release 2.0 (2015) compared to all previous releases.

You must use the Cyclone Studio application to install this firmware using the TT-303 Bass Bot’s MIDI interface.

The Cyclone Studio application guides you through the firmware update procedure.


This release should be applied to all Bass Bot produced with V1.0 or V1.1 software which addresses the below issues.

Additional Features in 2.0

Added TAP Input Mode for pattern programming.
The pattern generator function produces a wider range of keys and down/up modifiers.
Added pattern unroll function. This automatically loops and extends patterns to a length of 16, 32, or 64 steps.
Added pattern playback in MIDI Mode for improved integration with DAWs.
Added the Live Performance features to MIDI Mode.
Added Arpeggiator Mode copy and paste functions. The version of the pattern that the Arpeggiator is currently playing can be copied to the clipboard and pasted as a new pattern.
Added pattern color edit function to Arpeggiator Mode.
Added sequencer gate width setting (global setting).
Increased LED indicator refresh rate to reduce LED flicker on some video cameras and improve color representation.


How do I know which version my Bass Bot currently runs?

2.0 Boot splash with white LED followed by a color spectrum on power on.

1.1 Boot splash with red LED followed by a color spectrum on power on.

1.0 Boot splash with a color spectrum on power on.

I can’t find my provided MIDI splitter cable can I use a standard 5 pin MIDI cable?

Yes firmware updates to your system only require MIDI IN, which is default on the Bass Bot. Because the jack is 8pin and standard MIDI cables are 5pin be sure the notch is at top position and seated correctly.

Will flashing firmware erase my patterns?

No. Your patterns, tracks and presets will remain in their only non-volatile memory on board. However,

as a precaution we recommend taking just the minute it does to backup your personal compositions.

The application doesn’t see my MIDI device.

Try disconnecting the MIDI from your computer and Bass Bot and re-connecting to establish a new connection.

The application doesn’t see my Bass Bot.

Make sure the Bass Bot is powered on and the MIDI cable is firmly installed. A second MIDI cable should also be considered in trouble-shooting.

The blue DOWN <key> LED doesn’t flash as it updates as the application shows it will.

Try the following routine: disconnect midi from your computer, close the Cyclone Studio app and power off the Bass Bot,

then re-apply all settings and try again. Confirm the red fade-in first displays on power on to verify if v1.1 ‘took’ or not. If

after several attempts you cannot update the system please email support providing all details of your setup for evaluation.

I can’t find my serial number?

Bass Bot serial numbers are located on the bottom of units inside the battery compartment. This number is required for registration

and when requesting support of your device.